From Dhs. 695.00
Origin: Huso HusoColour: Light to dark greyPearl: Large-sizedFlavour: Most delicate and mild buttery flavour, creamy and salty elegance. Full bodie...
From Dhs. 250.00
Origin: The Russian SturgeonColour: Dark pewter-grey or deep brown to goldPearl: Medium-largeFlavour: Nutty, sea urchin, complex and rich flavour
From Dhs. 195.00
Origin: Russian/serbian sturgeon GubaColour: Range from silver-grey to blackPearl: Medium-sized to largeFlavour: Refined salty flavour, cremily fre...
From Dhs. 170.00
Origin: Siberian SturgeonColour: Range from silver-grey to blackPearl: Medium-sizedFlavour: Refined flavours of hazelnut, mild salty flavour

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